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Meet The Team


Chris Rose - Chairman

Here at Rose Calendars our staff are our business. The team provide the expertise and skills to create our comprehensive range of calendars, from beginning to end. The whole process takes place in house, and without our skilled staff’s input there would be no calendars.

The Management team

Michael Rose - Managing DirectorAndrew Clement - Finance DirectorMark Shipley - Operations Director

A team of directors plan the strategy we need to run our business.

Sales team

Elliot Van Sertima - Sales ManagerJacqui Vagg - Sales Account ExecutiveMick Horn - Sales Account Executive

The sales team is made up of agents and individuals who take our calendars around the whole of the UK, including as far as the Republic of Ireland, The Channel Islands, and The Shetland Islands. Our in house team will also be delighted to help you with any sales enquiries.

Customer Services team

Lisa Boulding - Reception/AdministrationJoanne Bannister - Customer Services ManagerSam Easter - Customer Services

Our Customer Services department provides a vital role too within the business, including account management, sales administration, reception and order processing.

Marketing Department

Elizabeth Rose - Marketing ManagerEmily Lister - Marketing Manager

In addition to sales support and development, the Marketing Department is responsible for thinking and developing campaigns, social media, email marketing, brochures, printed promotional material and improving communication both within the business and to customers. This website is at the heart of all our marketing activity and forms the centre of our communication with our customers.

Publishing and Design teams

Simon Williams - Publishing ManagerDavid Phillips - Designer

Our Publishing and Design teams begin the process by selecting images from a variety of sources before creating innovative and award winning designs for the layout and look of the calendars.


Nicola Stephens - Pre-Press Manager/Web Administrator

The Pre-Press team are responsible for everything that goes on before work can be printed and creating the artwork required for the calendar pages. This includes all of the customers' advertisements, logos and brand details, as well as image adjustments, corrections and edits.


Dan Godbold - Head of ProductionMatt Weekley - Works ManagerKeith Osborne - Production Manager

The skilled team in the factory and bindery then print the pages, boards, headers and all the paper based elements which go to make up our calendars, and then finish and bind the products, before packing them to our customers' requirements.


Andrew Clement - Finance DirectorGillian Burrows - Assistant AccountantRachel Heath - Accounts Administrator

The team here are responsible for overall accounts provision, including pricing of products and managing of stock, as well as accounts receivable and accounts payable.

Top Selling Calendars

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