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The Full Picture on the May Bank Holiday Date Change

In May 2020 the early Bank Holiday was originally due to be on Monday 4th May. However, a snap decision was made by Government in June 2019 to move the Bank Holiday to a new date - Friday 8th May, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day - the day when the Allied Forces officially won victory in Europe, marking the beginning of the end of World War Two.

So what have Rose Calendars done to ensure calendars reflect this change?

In response to the Governmentís decision, Rose Calendars contacted the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy through our local MP Will Quince to raise concerns for the industry and also to ensure that once the decision had been made, the decision would not be overturned, reverting to the original date of 4th May.

Bank Holiday Date Change Correspondence

When the decision to move the date was announced, a large proportion of 2020 business calendars and other promotional material had been printed. In order to manufacture and print the full range of over 140 different calendar titles, we begin work on producing calendars at least 18 months in advance, to ensure that customers receive their orders during the week of their choosing towards the final quarter of the year. Customers do not pay for their calendars until the time of dispatch and often place their order in the Spring of the preceding year, so, as you may imagine, in order for this be achievable, printing and production begins considerably ahead of the publishing year.

VE Day

Having weighed up the implications of showing the wrong dates in the majority of the pictorial calendars, the company decided to undertake the work required to amend the date to ensure our calendars are correct for 2020. This involved significant work in replacing the May month leaf wherever possible in any calendars which had not yet been finished. Where we were not able to replace the leaf and reprint the calendars, commemorative sticker sets were produced to highlight the change and mark the VE-Day anniversary. A set of stickers for each and every calendar will have been dispatched with these orders.

Rose Calendars have done everything within our power to change as many calendars as possible, but considering the impact on the environment through the paper wastage was also an important consideration. Where orders had already been completed, it was felt that to completely reprint these would be environmentally wasteful. Therefore, some orders, commercial designs and diaries instead benefit from the special sticker packs.

Our decision to undertake this additional work caused significant cost in excess of £100K to our business as well as three months extra work which was absorbed in order to solve the issue. It is vital however, that Rose Calendars provide the very best product for customers - something the company has done for over one hundred and ten years and will continue to offer.

If you are concerned about the date change affecting your calendars, please be reassured that we value your business and your reputation with your customers. If we can provide any additional reassurance to you, then please donít hesitate in getting in touch with us.

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